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Contact American social media personality, Singer, and Actor Gavin Magnus via Phone Number, Email Id, Social Media, and House Address: Now it is possible to get connected with Gavin Magnus (YouTube and TikTok Star as well) through mobile phone, email, and house address.

Gavin Magnus is 14 years old (born March 26, 2007) is a well-known Actor, Influencer, social media celebrity, Singer, and internet personality. He is from California, United States. Besides acting and social media appearances, He has started his own musical career with the help of Capitol Records. However, he is still a teenager, but his work is ultimately professional.

Gavin’s singles are receiving millions of views as his recent song cover Senorita in which he featured his girlfriend Coco Quinn has received 40 million views so far. It helped him to earn more than $120,000 from one video. However, he has released more than 20 songs to date.

His acting career is mostly television series for kids. He has worked for Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon channels. Gavin stepping into a social media career after getting popular with the help of television series. Now he has millions of fans on social media platforms.

Family and Associations

He is living with his parents and siblings in California. His mother’s name is Theresa and his brothers are named Jakob and Justin Magnus. Interestingly, he was dating a girlfriend at such little age of 14. He started dating Coco Quinn at age of 12. By the way, now they are broke due to unknown reasons. Few speculations show that they separated because of career. Somehow, he is now an official member of the Rock Your Hair squad.

Gavin Magnus fans are looking for contact details for calling and texting him. So, for that case, we’ve added their authentic contact information. It includes his house address, email address, social media profiles, and phone number.

Gavin Magnus phone number, address, email, contact
Contact Gavin Magnus (Actor, Singer)

Biography and Profile

Here is the brief details of Gavin Magnus biography and profile is given.

Full Name:Gavin Magnus
Date of Birth:March 26, 2007
Age:14 Years Old
Profession:TikTok, Instagram, YouTuber, Actor, Singer
Spouse:GF> Coco Quinn
Gavin Magnus info

Contact Details:

Below you can see verified contact details of Gavin Magnus.

Social Media Contact:

Contact him through different social media accounts and profiles using direct messaging.

Social MediaHandel/IDTotal Fans/Followers
TikTok:@gavinmagnus3 M
Instagram:@gavinmagnus2 Million
Youtube:@gavinmagnusofficial3 M
Social contact info of Gavin Magnus

Gavin’s Email ID, Phone Number Contact & House Address:

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Contact via Phone and Email:

  1. Gavin Magnus Email ID

    You can contact him via email address by sending an email to the provided email id. Send Gavin Magnus your matters to the following address given below.

  2. Gavin Magnus Phone Number

    He is mostly attending calls in the morning on phone. You can call Gavin Magnus around 9 AM to 12 PM. Don’t forget to add a +1 country code for dialing him.

  3. House Address

    House address is: ‘Gavin Magnus, Los Angeles, California, United States.’.

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  1. Hi Gavin I love all your videos and songs i am ur bigggest fan i always wanted to talk yo u and looks like we r the same age ans were born on the same year but u were born 5 months before me

  2. Gavin if this is the real Gavin Magnus did you know that every girl including me wants to date you because you are cute to us.

  3. gavin's next bby

    hi sorry for saying bad things can i get another chance and when things get bad with u and sophie im here for u and we maybe can date if that’s cool

    1. Mackenzie McFall

      Hey Gavin ummm I am sorry to bring her up but yeah and please read all of this so I think lev is not a good fit for piper and Coco is not good for u I want u to go on YouTube and look up the video song turns into real break up and I want you to watch some of it and to see how where you were when you thought that Piper was going to break up with you please do this cause you guys belong

  4. gavin's next bby


  5. ik she no use I don’t like her with Gavin u and Sophie is best friend and that is not going to happen you hear me that just period piper can I be on your squad i think I’m going to Gavin my sis wont let me in your squad but Gavin right now but I’m thinking

  6. Hay gavin can I have you’re number? I just want to ask you some questions. And I don’t really have any friends. P.s I love!!!yore videos and music. Cane we be friends?

  7. hi coco quin my name is kayanna can you reply back my brother has full auctism and would love for you to say something to him

  8. hey gavin I hope you don’t mine me asking but can you reply my brother
    is 14 and he has full auctism and would love for you to reply

  9. Why you all fighting over him you know he’s dating coco right now not sophi are anyone’s else and do you really think that’s really him answering or piper there just a fake account non of them have time to read all of them are even what to also you were a real fans you would know sophi and gav will never date.

  10. Renee is not my real name my real name is Ariel and I want to be your friend and I’m 12 years old birthday is August 18,2008 so what up are you hanging out with your friends it’s okay but I’m in frost care and I live in west Philly I love you Gavin I hope I see you again soon text me

    1. Hi coco I’m Camila and I am your fan and i’m even Gavin fan and I wish to see u I wish to have your number I wish to be your friend I just want to say that if is it ok if u can do a video of how did u meet Gavin and I want Gavin to be there too have a nice day I love u guy and always be safe 🤗

  11. McKayla Harkleroad

    hey, Gavin wanna date me please I can call you on messages just please date me. please date this lover girl. also, my YouTube channel is McKayla Hark

    1. Jayden Marie Langford

      Hey Gavin feel bad for you You’re probably dating Coco right now so people in my opinion need to stop saying weird stuff about you and to you

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