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Contact Marcus Rashford Phone Number, Email ID, Address: Being a English Football player, he got million of fan following at different channels including intsgram, twitter and facebook. People most of girls want to contact Marcus Rashford through his phone and via email and that is just to good to have his email and number. Marcus Rashford is playing for the Manchester United at the moment and no doubt a best player in team and best player in the England. Marcus Rashford is also a active player in England National Football team as Forward Player. His current salary is 11 million pounds. He is number 10 in Manchester united and number 19 in national team, both playing as forward. Marcus Rashford got football training and sharpen his skills in different youth clubs including Fletcher Moss Rangers in 2003.

Wythenshawe, England Player Marcus fan followers want to contact him through email and mobile phone number, we have collected some info and sorted it out. Recent authentic info of Football Player Marcus Rashford including his Profile is enlisted there.

Marcus Rashford contact
Marcus Rashford Contact Information

Marcus Rashford Biography and Profile

Here is the complete details of Marcus Rashford biography and profile is given.

Full Name:Marcus Rashford
Date of Birth:October 31, 1997
Age:22 Years Old
Profession:FIFA Player/ England National Footballer

Contact Details:

Below you can see different contact details of England Soccer Player, Marcus Rashford.

Social Media Contact:

Contact Marcus Rashford through his social media accounts and profiles through direct messaging or befriending him.

Social MediaHandel/IDTotal Fans/Followers
Instagram:@marcusrashford7.5 Million
Youtube:@marcusrashford N/A
Facebook:@MarcusRashford10 Million
Twitter:@marcusrashford2.3 Million

Email ID, Phone Contact:

The best method here to contact English FIFA Player Marcus Rashford is through email and mobile phone number, you can contact Marcus and get response in minimum time for having email id or Player Marcus Rashford phone number. So check the details below and specify or adjust your contacting method.

Time needed: 22 minutes.

Contact Marcus Rashford Sportsman via Cell Phone and Email:

  1. Marcus Rashford Contact through Email ID

    You can contact now Marcus easily through his email id, sent him your matters to his email address id: pending.

  2. Marcus Rashford Contact through Phone Number

    You can make contact and call Marcus Rashford via his phone number. stay updated for more info.

  3. House Address

    House address of Marcus Rashford is ‘Marcus Rashford, soccer player, Manchester United Club, Wythenshawe, England.’.

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  1. Am a Ugandan born by nationality have always followed your concern for poor I like it and I appreciate it so much. Thax

      1. Hi Marcus I have been watching the news about you help for free school meals it just takes some one like you to make mp and people who don’t have to struggle how to feed their children I have been thir my self special in school holidays now I see my children doing the same with my grandchildren it take one special person young and talented like you to make a difference to a lot selfish people out thir how lives of our young children matter so they can grow up happy when they read about people like you your parents did good job showing you how to respect and help others as well as self keep doing what you’re doing you grow in very strong man in years to please stay safe good look in your career may god bless you and more children follow in you foot step thanks x

    1. Hi Marcus, Thanks for your care of poor kids. When I was young I got free school meals which were a Godsend to my widow mother and us two kids.
      Great work by you!

  2. Am onoja nigeria by nationnality
    You have always been my mentor hope to hear from u soon +234-805 291-9660

  3. Hello rashford….
    Am Luke from Nigeria
    I want to play like you
    Please help me sir
    I just pray my message gets to you and I look forward to speak with you (07038171054)

  4. Hello Marcus Rashford, I am Robert from Uganda
    I am always following you on every social media pages and I am a great fun of MUfc, and you in particular, could you please mentor me in one way or the other, I will be grateful to hear from you. Thanks and God bless you
    WhatsApp: +256784293543

  5. Hello sir. I am huge fan of yours. And i am suffering with life threating disease. I hope one day i will meet you before i die. God bless u sir.

  6. Hi Mr Rash, I’m Yusuf from Malawi, I’m great Manchester United fc fan since iwas a child. Iwas so pleased to read your story about the poor children. Rash please if you get message try and contact me on this number iwant to talk to you personally, all I need is your help, my brother I’m suffered. Just imagine I left my country to come here in South Africa to seek for a better life, but as I’m talking to you now nothing has changed in my life still the same. So please brother try and contact me on this number, +27743049881.Thank you so much my brother

  7. Adole Joseph Elijah

    Good morning Mr Rashford how is your health today I hope all is well, I’m Adole Joseph Elijah by name, from Nigeria. I want to appreciate you first on how u have been supporting people, I pray God should not allow u regret anything in life, I no I’m not from your country, but I no if I should plead for ur help, u will definitely help me if you are capable of doing it, pls sir I want to become a footballer in future, I no it is not easy because u have so many responsibilities at hand that u are taking care of, but pls in any aspect u can help my life pls sir, it would be my pleasure thanks sir, I love uuuuuuuuuu.+2348146363628

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    Furthermore, I want to contribute back to the undeserved population in Eswatini that struggle every day to sustain a family, and who do not have much access to medical assistance as other privileged groups. The first health project I want to accomplish throughout my career as a doctor is to establish a free clinic where affordable medical assistance can be provided regardless of the patients statue in the community. The diverse health service would include free doctor consultations, low-price or free medications, and nutritional classes to prevent the presence of diabetes and heart disease. All of these goals in have for my country and myself cannot be possible if I can’t get financial help and continue study. My mother is currently the only who has been taking care of my interest right now but its proving to be a tall order for here because am not the only child and she is also struggling to send my 2 youngest brothers to school. The amount of money I need is a bit much but let me break it down in stages. I need $4000 for my school $250 for rent monthly so multiplied by 12 its $3000 plus $250 for food every month so yearly its $3000 for food yearly. In all I would ask for assistance of approximately $10000 yearly or$30 000 for the remainder of my academic studies.
    I would really appreciate the help because I would love to see all my dreams and goals come true. My father has never been there for me from the day I was born, it has always been my mother and I and that took a lot for her to help me to this point of my life and she can anymore because the money is too much for her and my countries government gives money to the king so he can buy fancy cars, and we are left to fend for ourselves which is a very tall order for us in that small nation in Africa.

  9. hello, Marcus rashford….I want to meet you in England footballs so that I want to be player man utd🙏🙏🙏
    pls call my phone number: 08146157411

  10. Fidel Terenciano, Ph. D

    Bom dia. Meu nome é Fidel. Sou professor Doutor em Estudos de Instituições Públicas e trabalho numa Organização não Governamental, que trabalha com crianças órfãos e grupos vulneráveis como mulheres e deficientes.
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    Mas neste momento temos necessidade de criar parcerias e desejamos junto a si assinar um memorando.

    Estamos em Moçambique, província de CABO Delgado, que também é considerada a província de Ouro, diamante, ruby e reservatório de gás mundial. Mas também neste momento vivemos conflito e deslocamento de populações por conta de novos grupos terroristas que vão surgindo na província.
    Pedimos vosso apoio em mantimentos, comida, livros, e outros bens não perecíveis ahe acharem conveniente.
    Aguardamos vosso contacto.

    +258 84 44 36 301
    Diretor da Universidade Íris Moçambique

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  13. Good Morning Marcus,
    Please check out our Facebook page /

    We are a group of volunteers who have been working to feed children during school holidays here in Mansfield in Nottinghamshire for around 2 yrs.
    Please could you give our page a like and share our posts.
    We where really excited when you started your campaign, we thought that with your passions and high profile you would be able to change the governments mind on this issue, but unfortunately with the last vote in parliament, this won’t happen.
    Our MP is Ben Bradley who has also voted against feeding children in Mansfield and District!
    good luck, take care, stay safe
    Amanda Fisher
    Schools out Champion

  14. I am sorry I do not support FREE SCHOOL MEALS at Holiday time the reason is Government DO NOT control people having children therefore it is the parents who should
    FEED, CLOTHE, and raise THEIR children themselves. We have become a NANNY STATE and will Government be in charge of wiping children’s backsides in the future. Please STOP having children if you cannot look after them yourself.

  15. Good morning sir Mr Rashford my name is Michael Andrew I am send me a message to you from Nigeria I am in for France of Manchester United I so much love you and the club so much my number is 0 7 0 3957 3548 remember your boy

    1. Blessings Mahala

      Hie Rashford,
      Am Blessings from Malawi, my writing to you is to seek for assistance for my country, we saw your charity work especially for school children, so with this Covid 19 pandemic, my country is very much affected especially school children’s, we have very few equipment’s in our hospitals, so we need some equipment that can be used to school children in there isolation centers other than taking them to the same hospitals which are already overcrowded.
      Looking for your help.

  16. Adebisi Marvelous Kehinde

    Hi Marcus,
    I want to join the man utd academy please help. You can contact me on 09027635932(+234)

  17. Hello Marcus i greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ amen. Hope you are doing great and the family at large am a great fan of Manchester United Football Club since 1997 hope that is when you are born, i want to thank you for your charity work that you are doing during the time of covid-19 pandemic and now you are offering free meals for children and low income generating families. I’m requesting for your help in terms of financial support am in juba south sudan. Here is my number +211921436561 incase of anything you let me know. May almighty God bless you and your family.

  18. Hello MARCUS RASHFORD, I’m boniface from Kenya.
    I have watched your games and made my sad moments sweet.
    I therefore request for your contact, so as I may here from you and speak things private. Thank you and may God keep you alive to continue helping thousands of poor children in England. I’d be happy when you also consider children from Africa continent.🙏🙏

  19. Patrick Obalo is my name, I always admire the energy you have for my beloved team Manchester United. I want you through me liaise an we have a football academy in Uganda. Northern part of the country MARCUS ACADEMY I shall contribute land and you support financially.
    We can at the same time put in the institute a model primary school.

  20. Aimé Bakuka TUBILA

    Hello rashi, i would like to say just one thing very important, may God bless you and achieve all yours dreams, i’am Aimé TUBILA from Paris.

  21. Hi Rashie,am a Kenyan living in Kenya and a diehard of Manchester United. I have seen your great work in the field and how you show compassion to the less fortunate kids in the society. Glory be onto God for such rare heart He planted in you. My only wish is to get your email, if only you’re willing. My kindly consider.

  22. Hello Rashy , I am marcus from Africa, just love your game, wish to have a training with you , keep your excellent performance up ,soon you gonna be the world best soon keep it up Rashy👍👍👍👍

  23. You are a role model to many especially me , but no finance to go further.. Wish to meet you right there in England .. Thanks Rashy👍👍👍👍❤… You are a good guy , helping the poor .. God bless you ……

  24. Jack Trevor Daka

    Am Jack Trevor Daka from Zambia in Africa…
    Through my whole life I have a great desire to work hard and play football but the only thing that am lucking is sponsors I would be greatful if you help me with sponsorship to play football for any academy that could nature me to become a great footballer like you. It could be very great if u could give me a try and take me for trials at Manchester United academy that I could build my career from.

  25. My entire supports for your family Marcus,❤️❤️❤️❤️,I wish our mum a better life(Melanie) and father (Robert) and our brothers,like Dane Rashford and Dwaine Maynard ,my best regards to all of them ,in total I’m xulkhair_jr ,u might not know me but Dane knews much about me❤️❤️❤️.

  26. Hi Marcus, am Elijah Allison from Nigeria. I always watched you, you are my role model , am a footballer also and I need your assistance to play even if it is league 2 or England national league I’m grateful.

  27. Hi bro
    You are my role model and I will always inspire myself through your work.
    I love you so much.
    Your are my best football player

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