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Communicate popular TikTok star Vallyk via Email ID, Phone Number, Social Media and House Address: Read his complete Biography, Wiki, Family and dating details alongside useful information to contact his phone, email and physical address.


Vallyk is a new internet sensation, got viral in 2021 on TikTok and few other social media. He is a 17 years old teenager from Paterson, New Jersey. Vally K belongs to a Dominican descent family and he got two siblings, a brother and his sister Jasline, who has a popular TikTok account at jaslinepena. However, he created her social media accounts to entertain people in part time to his high school studies. He is a best friend of another popular social media personality DerekTrendz and they often collaborate videos and other content.

Vallyk Pena aros to fame for his videos based on rap songs. Moreover, he is best known for the dance and lip-sync videos he posts to his vallykpena TikTok account and sucessfully garnered 2 million fans there. Furthermore, he has sought 1 million active followers on Instagram to share his life routine photos and videos. He has started his YouTube channel to post several vlogs, challenges and some comedy stuff.


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He has not declared about his dating status. At age of 17, you can presume him as single until, he publicly accept his relationship with any other co star or celebrity. Vallyk Pena fans are demanding his real contact information. For that we have compiled authentic data, including his contact numbers, email address, social profiles and house address details. You can make use of the mentioned information for contact and business inquires.

Vallyk Pena Phone Number, House Address, Email, Biography
Vallyk Pena Biography and Contact Details 2021

Biography and Profile

Here is the brief details regarding his biography and online profile is given.

Full Name:Vallyk Pena
Date of Birth:October 20, 2003
Age:17 Years Old
Profession:TikTok Star, Social Media Personality
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Contact Details:

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Social Media Contact:

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Social MediaHandel/IDTotal Fans/Followers
TikTok:@vallykpena3 million
Instagram:@vallykpena1 Million
Youtube:Vallyk Pena Channel300K
Snapchat:@vallykpena2 million
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Email ID, Phone Number Contact & House Address:

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Time needed: 3 minutes.

Contact via Phone and Email:

  1. Contact Email Address

    You can contact him via his genuine email address and it is one of best choice by the way. Sent your matters to Vallyk Pena email id given here:

  2. Contact Phone Number

    Make a phonic contact with best known TikTok Star Vallyk Pena via his phone number. Call in the day time for better response.

  3. House Address

    Residence address is ‘Vallyk Pena, Paterson, New Jersey, United States’.

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