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Skylynn Floyd is an 11 years old teenager from North Carolina, who is famous for her acting debuts and several social media accounts with amazing and entertaining content. For the very first time, she appeared on the internet through her sister Nash channel’s video called “Meet My Sister”. At age of 5, Skylynn was much famous on Vine application, nothing less than lip-syncing and dance celebrity with more than 1 million followers.

Recently, Skylynn Floyd has sustained her own fan following on her self title social media profiles, along with appearing and collaborating with her half-brothers Nash and Hayes Grier. Moreover, Floyd is consistently sharing videos based on her horses, ponies, and some of her other farm animals. Her parents Elizabeth and Johnnie are very caring for her and meanwhile, she has not dated anyone. Her other brother’s name is Will Grier.

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YouTuber Skylynn Floyd contact phone number, email and house address
YouTube Star Skylynn Floyd Contact and Wiki

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Full Name:Skylynn Elizabeth Floyd
Date of Birth:June 12, 2009
Age:11 Years Old
Profession:YouTuber, Internet Star
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Social MediaHandel/IDTotal Fans/Followers
Instagram:@lifeofskylynn1 Million
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  3. House Address

    He is living at following address ‘Skylynn Elizabeth Floyd, North Carolina, United States‘.

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