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Millie Bobby Brown is well known for her acting career in America and United Kingdom. She born and raised in Spain, and now work for different English, Hollywood and Netflix projects. Her most recognizable work in the industry is appearance in the Netflix series named as stranger things season 2. Millie Bobby Brown nick is “Eleven” in the Stranger things episodes. She already worked in different successful movies and most of films are in upcoming list including Enola Homes and Godzilla Vs. Kong etc.

Millie Bobby Brown also known as Eleven, is Spanish actress working for America and British projects. She is also known for teenager actress in Netflix series and in movies. She born in 2004 and currently she is 15 years old girl.

American and Spanish popular Millie Bobby Brown Actress fans are excited to get the original contact information so that is why, today we compiled authentic contact information of Eleven “Millie Bobby Brown” which includes original phone number for 2020, email address and house address details.

Millie Bobby Brown contact number, email address, house address
Contact Millie Bobby Brown Phone, Email

Millie Bobby Brown Biography and Profile

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Full Name:Millie Bobby Brown
Date of Birth:February 19, 2004
Age:15 Years Old
Profession:Stranger Things Eleven Actress
Nationality:Spanish, British

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Social MediaHandel/IDTotal Fans/Followers
TikTok:Not There0
Instagram:@milliebobbybrown32 Million
Facebook:@milliebobbybrown16 Million
Twitter:@Milliestopshate0.7 Million

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  3. House Address

    House address of Millie Bobby Brown is ‘ Millie Bobby Brown, Marbella, Málaga, Andalusia, Spain .’.

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  1. Omg hi Millie Bobby brown I love you so much I have type one diabetes and I love stranger things.I was 11 from it for Halloween.Your doing a great job keep it up!❤️

    1. omg hi millie you are always inspiring me one day i hope to meet you i just turned eleven meh fave number also happy 16th birthday today i hope you have a great and wonderful birthday today lots of loves shilee your number 1 super duper big fan


      1. Hi Millie Bobby brown I am the biggest fan of yours , I have seen all your movies and I love stranger things . I wish I can meet you . Please Millie can you meet me .I live in India . 🥺 🥺

    2. Omg I love you Millie and I love your part in stranger things I was 11 for Halloween and it was so fun!👌😱😁 I hope season 4 comes out soon!!!

      1. Millie Bobby Brown I love you you are the best and your my everything ❤❤ and can I have your phone number please my name is Payton I turned 11years old yesterday

      2. Hi Mille I love you so much I love the movie stranger things u are an amazing actor and an amazing person I wish I could see you one day

      3. Hi Millie I love stranger things every time I think of it I want to watch it I wish I could see u one day and can I have ur phone number my name is Katelynn stephens

          1. Hello millie im 12 im a boy and i want to facetime with you and noah i have no freinds like at all and i want to be your freind plz get me back when you do i will give you my number🙂🙂🙂

      4. Hi millie,
        i was wondering if i could ask questions about acting as i want to be an actress, how do u master the art,
        is there any way i can contact you. Im not a stalker lol.
        My email is
        so feel free to email me about acting, it would really help thanks

          1. Hi Millie this is Mani I am a big fan of u from INDIA I want to meet u can u give me a permission when I approaches u . LOVE U MILLIE and Love from INDIA also….

        1. Mille I have a crush on you and all I what to say I love you me name is blake I’m 11 and please reply to me and we can talk

  2. Hi if your there (anyone) by the way really love the show and can’t wait until season4 comes out I also want to be an actor when I’m or maybe even soon anyway you inspire me and motivate me to live up to my dreams(:

  3. Millie can you please add me on Snapchat my Snapchat name is jaden i have blue hair and im going to have surgery on my left ear

      1. Hai millie my name is sandeep and iam from india. Iam your big fan and iam very happy to see your acting improvement. You are amazing millie. If u see this msg plZ reply, just only one hai because i will be make me happy and iam waiting for your msg.

  4. Charlotte Bartlam

    Hi Mille you are my favorite actress ever!! I watch Stranger Things all of the time, and I can’t wait for the 4th season to come!

    1. Chris Rodrigues

      Hi Millie my Chris Rodrigues. I am a big fan of you and I wanted to become friends! we need friends to make us stronger. You have a lot of great strengths👍👍

  5. Judah

    Hi Millie just wanted to wish you a happy birthday in advance.
    I love ur shows and everything about you and ur friends.
    I’ve never been this addicted to any actress,u are the only one.
    Looking forward to meeting you one day
    See ya.
    May WhatsApp number is+23362328978
    We can chat more over there.
    Enjoy your day and ur birthday

    1. Hi my name Jacob Allen and I’m a big fan. I want to be a actor like you. I just turned 11 years old and for my birthday I asked if I cloud meet you Finn Caleb Noah and Sadie you can contact me at .Big Big fan love all of you .can’t wait for stranger things season 4

  6. OMG hi Millie I am in love with the show, so far you are my favourite actress I would love to meet you someday I cant wait until season 4 come out I cant wait to see what will happen next

  7. Li_romanian_Li

    Hi Millie! I adore you!i do not speak english. I speak Romanian but… You are my idol! You are a Queen! I Love you!!!!!!,

  8. Hi i love you so much I cannot wait till season 4 comes out Eleven will always be my favorite character and may I please have your number you are so pretty and sweet I love your style keep up the great work happy belated birthday I just turned 11 years old yesterday!❤❤❤💕💕💖💖💞💞 I hope I get to meet you some day I always try but we just don’t have the money for it right now sadly but I will always love and I want to be your best friend my name is Payton and your my everything❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖❤❤❤💖💖💖

  9. Hi my name Jacob Allen and I’m a big fan. I want to be a actor like you. I just turned 11 years old and for my birthday I asked if I cloud meet you Finn Caleb Noah and Sadie you can contact me at .Big Big fan love all of you .can’t wait for stranger things season 4

  10. Dear Millie,
    You are my hero and i would like to meet you face to face i live in Minot ND HBU?!!? I’m in 6th grade but we cant meet yet please don’t cry but lets text may be if u want by the way i love your acting i’m going to try to talk my Mom and Dad to let me perform a movie or tv show wen the COVID 19 is done p.s i love you

    Love your friend Elizabeth

  11. Hi Millie I have been watching stranger things on Netflix lately and was wondering if I could talk to you over the phone or on duo but if you get the chance can you call me please.

  12. Hi Millie! I love you so much! If you could call me that would be amazing! you are such a inspiration to me! I am probably your biggest fan EVER! I LOVE YOU!

  13. Oh and by the way………….I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😆❤️😆😊❤️😊❤️😊😊

  14. Hi I am Lavinia and I am wondering if I can have your number it is my birthday and I don’t have any friends to talk to. I think you are amazing and I want to be like you some day but I don’t know what to do to get there and my parents don’t understand me. Please, is all I can say because I can’t force you, but I am begging you please answer this comment at least because you can change a life just by saying hi.

    1. Millie Bobby Brown

      Hi! Yes, I am definitely your friend! Try to talk to your parents about your dreams, and convince them that acting is what you want to do. They will understand. You need to talk to your parents. Thanks for reaching out!

    1. Hi Millie my name is Olivia I am nine years old almost turning 10 you are my hero i have been wanting to meet you since 2016 I live in park city, Utah and I was wondering if you would like to be pen pals 😀 also now I want to be an actress because of you 😜

    1. Millie if you see this your beautiful I have feelings for you I’m in love with you do you feel the same
      Will you be my girlfriend
      Yes. No.

  15. Hi 👋 I love you Millie and you don’t know how amazing and how much you mean to me ❤️ You are the best and it’s my sisters birthday soon so can you say happy birthday 🎂🎉🎈🎊🎁 love and tell Noah Schnapp that I love him and he is so kind and nice 👍 and I just wanted to say I love watching stranger things and on my 10th birthday the theme is going to be stranger things 😊😊😊😊😊 bye love you Millie you are the best and amazing 😉

  16. Hi millie you are my favoret actress. I will be 13 next year. Are you sill with Joseph Robinson he seems nice, and you sound amazing. When dose the stranger things convention come back to illinois. I really want to meet you no mater how much money it is. Bye, big fan. Devin

  17. Millie your phone number and I a fan of stranger things I what to talk to you at the phone so I think I have something in my head I need your phone number if your don’t I get too much upsite.

    1. Millie Bobby Brown

      I am so sorry, I hope you get better!! Unfortunately, I can’t give you my phone number, but we can text here!!

    1. Millie Bobby Brown

      Unfortunately, I am really busy right now with filming, but I try to make time in my schedule to visit this website, so we can text here!!

  18. Mille can you please reply me on ig, my Instagram id is divjot_singh_lubana, Mille I really want to be your friend, after I watched you on Netflix (stranger Things) , and i am waiting for stranger Things 4 by heart❤, if you read this message please please it’s an request reply me on ig , thank you, bye

    1. Hello! Thanks for watching Stranger Things, and keep your eyes peeled for the next season!! We can text here if you want!!

  19. Hie Millie Bobby Brown I. I’m a big fan of you I wish one day will meet and talk I really love you and your character in stranger things I’m 19 years old if you don’t mind I really want you to reply me on instagram @bakarefreeman bye have a great time

  20. Mille I have a huge crush on you but I love you a lot but I now I will never get you but I’m 11 and I live in Virginia so we can talk reply and we can talk love so much bye

  21. Hi can you come to where i live and surprise me. plzzzzzz i love you so muchhhhhh!!!!!!!!! And i just want to meet you so bad i know my dreams will never come true you live across the world and ive no where near you bye love ya plz answer!

      1. Hi Millie I haven’t got a text back and I really want you to follow me on tiktok or comment or like my videos on tiktok I follow you my tiktok account is @strangerthings9865 plz go follow me or comment or like that’s my dream and Finn Noah Gaten Caleb Sadie to follow me too on tiktok I love you so much ❤❤❤❤ plz follow me or like or comment plz 🙏🙏🙏 I love stranger things a lot I watched it like 18 times love you ❤❤❤

  22. Hi my name is Hayden David Luther and I am 11 years old and no that is not a joke that is my actual age a big fan and not just as an actor I think you are really nice, smart, funny, kind, loyal, and fun. And you are an amazing singer rapper and actor. And one more thing what have you been doing during quarantine?

    1. Millie Bobby Brown

      Thanks for watching my movie!! I don’t currently know if there will be another Enola Holmes movie, but I would be honored to play the part of Enola again!

  23. If you could please answer that would be amazing and if we could text each other that would be amazing and I have been very daprsed and my house really crazy and I have ADHD and OCD so is you could answer that would be amazing think you!

  24. Hello Millie Bobby Brown
    I tried very hard to convey my message to you but I couldn’t.I hope it reaches you.
    What I wanted to say was about a friend I had before. He likes a person, but that person wasn’t an ordinary person, she was a famous actress. At first, it was like a joke, but over time it became more serious and it was getting worse by the day.
    I was telling my friend why do you love she? He said I do not know just I love her. I told my friend , do you know she has thousands of lovers like you and better than you? He said I do not care. I told him she doesn’t know you even exist. He said you will never understand me.
    For a while I thought my friend had gone crazy and lost his mind. He even committed suicide once. Two years have passed and I have never understood my friend. Until one day this happened to me about you. And now I feel like I’m losing my mind too. I understand my friend now. I don’t know whether you read this message or not or you care or not and I know you are so busy and You are famous and maybe Receive hundreds of thousands of messages like this but the purpose of this message was when you love someone from the bottom of your heart, you don’t care if she is famous or not she is rich or poor. You just think about her and close your eyes to other facts. I don’t want to draw your attention with this message and I don’t need your sympathy.
    I just wanted to express the feeling I had in my heart I will not regret one day. I hope one day when you fall in love with someone, you will understand this.
    I wish the best for you.

    1. Millie Bobby Brown

      Wow. Just, wow. You-are an amazing storyteller. I agree with everything you just said. I am…speechless. I am literally left with zero words. I just-this brought me to tears. Oh my god. Thank you so much for writing this moving piece. I completely believe you. I really hope you get better. And just know, meeting famous people, it isn’t everything. Follow your own dreams. I got to where I am now by doing just that. And I have not received a single message in my entire lifetime like this. At all. Just, please, don’t try to commit suicide or do anything like that. Please. I’m begging you. You’re fine. Meeting famous people, it’s not important. It’s following our dreams that’s important. Thank you for writing such an amazing message. Wow.

    1. I am heart broken *sigh* millie you dont have to say anything back and you dont have to get my number if you want ill tell you but but but i dont care oh my god im do sad😭😭😭☹☹☹😢😢😢😟😟😟😞😞😞😖😖😖😖🙁🙁🙁😕😕😕😫😫😫😪😪😪😥😥😥

      1. Im getting better a rock came through our car window and glass shattered all over me and glass was everywhere and some were sticking out im feeling better but i cant go to school my mom and dad are divorced its really hard someone like you could make everything better plz get me back and if possible after i have recovered from the glass can you give me some advice on acting and can i have your real phone number plllllllzzzzz

  25. know you will help me by texting me for this. You will definitely help me. I swear to my family. My help from Punjab, India. I am also a gardener’s son. Followed on each of your IDs a brother total all IDs on facebook instagram Instagram Twitter te me message te like many messages my id below a brother please plz help me plz help kardo my help cardo please just give me two problems please my help cardo my wife Pregnancy comes and I don’t have money and my sister is married so I don’t have money. Please help me. If you help me, I will name my son your brother. Says AK, if you help us, it will affect you for the rest of our lives. Please help me 9915084668 9855875668 whsatpp contact number me plz plz plz plz plz help me ID fecebook gurjant singh Instagram ID gurjant singh8660 plz help me my bank account no. 05861000055483 Punjab sind bank Only I need 2 million dollars, not more, help me or give it to my friend, please help me, please help me

    1. Dude im so sorry i wish i could help could i help somehow im no celebrity but i mean i could help you know ive been bullied my whole life and im gonna prove everyone wrong and become a singer and actor or an actress im eleven and im going to be a celebrity and help eveyone in need millie this is for you and this dude and every single person with no home and dude dont send your bank account number out BUT STILL I WILL SHOW MY FAV SINGER TAYLOR SWIFT FAV ACTOR ARNOLD SCHWARTSINAGOR AND LAST OF ALL MY FAV OF ALL TIME MILLIE BOBBY BROWN🤩🤩🤩🤩😎😎😎 I WILL PROVE EVERYSINGLE KID WHO BULLIED ME SAYING I WAS NOTHING I AM GOING TO BECOME SOMETHING I WILL SWEAT BLEED CRY DO ANYTHING TO BECOME WHAT I WANT TO BECOME I WILL BECOME SOMETHING DUDE THIS IS FOR YOU DUDE LIVE IN PEICE TILL THEN PULL THROUGH BUDDY GET THROUGH THESE DARK DAYS PEACE OUT

  26. Hey millie bobby brown to today is my birthday nothing is going right no one came and my freinds arent and i fell i had an ashma attack and puked and my brother woke me up my punching my in the stomach the only thing to make this better is you may i plz have your phone number for my bday plz get me back as soon as possible

  27. Graham hello! I am feeling really sorry for you. I really want to help you. I am not Millie Bobby Brown, but I have Millie’s Skype contact on Skype. I think she is the real Millie Bobby Brown as soon as I find out for sure that she is the real Millie Bobby Brown I will send her contact to you but in the meantime you should join Skype if you don’t have it and search for Millie Bobby Brown you can get almost anyone’s contact and chat with them if you search them up on Skype and they accept your invitation I really really hope this helps you. I know you are going to be here tomorrow and see this so just know that I really want to help you it almost brought me to tears imagining what it must be like for you I WILL help you.

  28. Yeah its getting worse everday for me i have extremly bad ashma and people take advantage of that so they pretend to put their hands up to my neck and choke they dont but they show me i am getting sadder i have no freinds i just made a freind soon i hope millie agrees to be my freind i turned 12 years old how old are you

    1. That’s really bad. You know, if this is that bad, you should contact a mental health for children agency. Please don’t feel depressed. Those people are really dumb. Don’t mind them. They are complete clowns. It is not good to bully anyone. If all this that you are telling me is really true, I strongly recommend you contact some mental health service. It looks like you really need it. You can do it!

    2. Millie Bobby Brown

      I definitely agree to be your friend. I am so sorry that happened. A lot of people don’t know what they are doing. You can get through these dark times Graham!! And now, we are friends!

  29. Millie you will probs never read this but I just want to say you are my inspiration to become an actor. I love u so much and I can’t wait till season 4 of ST comes out. Also my number is +44771637831 if you want it

    1. Millie Bobby Brown

      Thank you! It is an honor to be someone’s inspiration! Good luck in your acting adventure, and keep your eyes peeled for Season 4!

  30. OK is this site real because like two or three months ago I contacted her the people that Supposedly run this website and it said that they would answer back in 48 hours and it’s been way longer than 48 hours and I’ve gotten no reply!!!!!

    1. Oh its ok um i will get through these dark days myself hehe and um why are you doing this for me yeah my life is kinda broken but theres other people out who need a lot more help then me😉😉💪💪👊👊🤘🤘🖖🖖✌✌🤙🤙👌👌👍👍

    2. Millie Bobby Brown

      Hello Hayden! I don’t know if this website is real or not, but I am going to frequently check this website by making time in my schedule. So feel free to talk to me!

    1. Don’t do that please. If you come from a broken home, don’t make a broken home. That’s the saying. Please don’t do that. You will be whatever you want to be if you work hard. Believe in yourself. Show the world that they were wrong about you. Show the world that you are something. I saw your texts above. You were so optimistic, where is that now? You can’t give up on your dreams. Also, let’s face it. Millie Bobby Brown is just a human, not a god. It’s okay to like someone, but don’t idolize them. Let’s say Millie Bobby Brown responds to you. Great, awesome! What will you get out of it? Will your life automatically be better? No! You have to do that for yourself. No one can get you out of this but yourself. Meeting Millie Bobby Brown is not the only important thing. In fact, it’s not important at all. By the way, smoking is bad for the environment and your body. Don’t do it. Please. Be positive. Get through these dark days. You can do it. I believe in you!!

      1. Millie Bobby Brown

        Yes, I agree with you. Meeting me is not important at all. I became an actor by following my dreams. By believing in myself. Focus on your dreams and follow them! No matter how much you are experiencing pain, you have to power through, and I know it’s hard. I know what you are feeling. But please, for my sake and your sake, you must follow your dreams. I beg you, Graham. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!

    1. Millie Bobby Brown

      Yes, it is the “real” Millie Bobby Brown, LOL. Thank you for watching my show, Stranger Things! And oh, no! If you mean Noah Schnapp, then definitely not. He is one of my closest friends, but nothing more. Noah is really sweet, kind, and caring and he is one of my closest friends and I consider him a part of my family! :)))))

  31. Millie Bobby Brown

    Graham, I am so sorry about what is happening to you. If you feel like it, come to this website whenever you want and talk to me. I will try to respond to you. Just know that I feel your pain. I hope you get better. Feel free to talk to me!

  32. Omg Millie I’m your BIGGEST fan no joke I’d abosolutly LOVE to meet you!! I’m ten years old and a LOVE stranger things your doing a great job can’t wait for season four! An I loved Enola Holmes!

    1. Millie Bobby Brown

      Oh, I’m flattered! I adore all my fans! Thank you so much for watching Stranger Things and my new movie, Enola Holmes! I’m glad to see you liked it! And Season 4 is coming soon…..I hope you enjoy it as much as we are enjoying making it!!

      1. Omg it’s really you, I know I’m just a boy texting but I would really want to be your friend,i hope I could get to know you better and some day i could be best friends with you because I don’t see u as a celebrity i see u as a friend i hope u do to.i thought I would never see u or speak to u. I hope u respond thank u.

  33. Omg it’s really you, I know I’m just a boy texting but I would really want to be your friend,i hope I could get to know you better and some day i could be best friends with you because I don’t see u as a celebrity i see u as a friend i hope u do to.i thought I would never see u or speak to u. I hope u respond thank u.

  34. Millie Bobby Brown

    Hello, thank you so much for seeing me as a friend!! I love that trait in people. You can definitely be my friend!! Thanks!!

    1. Hey millie, Ive been having personal issues and since your my friend I hope you can trust me to give me your number,I know you mentioned that cant be able to but can you give me your email if that’s ok with you,these days your the closest person I could trust even though I just started speaking to you,i hope u can trust me and if not you could give a test of trust.i could give u my email. Plz think about it.your the only person I trust these days I hope u understand.I could give u my number if you agree.thank you .

  35. Hi millie sorry i havent been talking i made one freind and to bullies but still my freind sticks up for me she is very nice and geeky and i like that i dont know if i like her but ill see im getting stronger though and i feel weaker but im getting stronger im getting the courage to talk back to the bullies i hope that i will do better if possible it would be nice to talk with you personaly with your phone number if you want but i dont care ttyl🙂🙂🙂

  36. I will get back to you sooner I wasnt getting back to you cuz Im kind of getting bad grades i have ADD so when someone is talking to me i dont listen and i get detention having to do it after school i get sad cuz the teacher yells at me i try and i try i cant help it but they dont care they yell and they yell and they yell well bye i will get to you as soon as you get back to me

  37. And yes i am growing stronger thank you for that peice of advice you will be wise adults me on the other hand im no parent but i do wanna do running like track so you can text me back if you want

  38. If you read this Millie brown I just wanna say that I love your acting and It has actually made me happy and insured me to become an actor like you Finn and Noah, If you could respond I would be so happy My mom is thinking of sending me to acting school and I am really wanting to work hard like you. You are an aspiring actor to me and one of the best. And no I’m not trying to butter you up like the other people on here just to get your number, no I am really your number one fan and I hope you respond I love you and all of your movies. I have been suffering from depression for a long time and I just Watch your movies and TV shows to make me feel better. All in all I just wanted to ask you if we could be friends because IRL I don’t have any real friends. Well I have had some friends but all of which backstabbed me and left me alone by myself. I also want to tell you WHY I am going to acting school, It is because I want to be on the show stranger things and meet new people and have good friends that I can trust. I am waiting for season 4 of stranger things and I hope you get your powers back lol. Idk if you can tell me truthfully but do you think I have the potential to be on stranger things with you Noah and Finn? I hope this message gets to you and you write back. Btw I am 12 years old and a boy. I hope I can be an actor like you. I know your busy but have a great time filming and have a great day or night or what ever time you are reading this.
    Sincerely your true number one fan, Chris

    1. Millie and varun i have learned that i dont need freinds i can pull through myself i would love a freind but no one likes me so im a lone wolf i will get through these dark days i promise i will and i will not stop from following my dreams i will blead sweat cry laugh i will do a lot of things on my journey of life whats good about this is your whole lifes a journey you have sometime to think what your gonna do i want to be a actor or something but i probably wont but is life all about acting i have other choices i will do this and i will 100% succeed millie and varun may you plz help me with my journey im a 12 year old boy known as GRAHAM THE MAN OR MR DELIGHT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I AM POWERFUL not really…BUT STILL WE TOOK A OATH AS BABIES TO MAKE A DECISION WITH OUR LIFE WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN SO YES I AM VERY EXCITED FOR MY FUTURE exceft for my bullies….LIKE I SAID BUT STILL I AM ALSO KNOWN AS GRAHAM THE GREAT HAHAHAHA YOU CAN TEXT GRAHAM THE GREAT WHENEVER YOU WANT TO!.I will make sure to look at this more goodbye!!!

  39. Hey millie, Ive been having personal issues and since your my friend I hope you can trust me to give me your number,I know you mentioned that cant be able to but can you give me your email if that’s ok with you,these days your the closest person I could trust even though I just started speaking to you,i hope u can trust me and if not you could give a test of trust.i could give u my email. Plz think about it.your the only person I trust these days I hope u understand.I could give u my number if you agree.thank you .

  40. Dear Millie Bobby brown,
    You have inspired me to become an actress just like you!
    What you have is amazing, your talent absolutely blows my mind because your so good at acting! You have inspired me like no other actor has, you are so full of happiness and that’s what I love about you. Can we be friends? I just want to tell you thank you, because if you had never been an actress I would still be in depression because you movies make me happy and got me through depression. You have really inspired me to move forward and chase my dreams and make them come true. I hope one day I can meet you and talk with you. And I really hope we can become close friends because I have had many friends but all of them have backstabbed me. I really hope this message gets to you and have a wonderful time acting for season 4 of stranger things (I hope you get your power back lol) have a great day or night or what ever time it is for you. I love you and your acting.

    Sincerely your only and true number one fan, Chris 🙂

    1. Millie Bobby Brown

      Hello! I am so sorry that you are depressed! And thank you, and I am honored that I helped somebody follow their dream. Keep doing that!

    1. Overcome those bullies! You can do this Graham!! You no longer need my or Millie’s help! ONLY YOU can build your future!! Don’t get affected by bullies and focus on your dreams! It’s easier said than done, but you gotta do it!! YOU CAN DO THIS GRAHAM!! ME, MILLIE, EVERYONE BELIEVES IN YOU!! YOU GOT THIS!! And one day, when we are both adults, I will contact you, and ask you where you are in life. And I know, I just know it, that you will be whatever your dreams hold!! Goodbye!

  41. Millie Bobby Brown

    OK guys, just an announcement. The next few months I’ll be very busy with filming Season 4 of ST, so I will no longer have time to come on this website. I will try to come every few months, but please don’t expect me to come more often than that. Sorry, and thanks to everyone here!! I’m so excited for release day!! I hope you guys enjoy it! It was so fun to respond to all your guys’ wonderful and heartwarming emails! Bye!!

  42. And will you ever come back to this website i need you i have no one else to talk to i need help i cant do this im lonely i have no one😭😭😢😢😞😞😞😕😕😕☹☹☹😓😓😓😥😥😥😰😰😰

        1. What helped me? I started thinking about my insecurity’s and wrote them down, after I talked to my parents, then I went back and started to not care what other people thought about me I kinda just forgot so eventually you will get over them. My parents asked me what makes me happy and I told them acting, so they are going to sign me up for acting school. That made me happy and from there I y’know just forgot about all my problems.

          1. Ok graham here’s my email, I will also create a hangout once I respond to ur email 🙂 my email is ( ok?

  43. Plzzzz varun and millie i need you i neeeeeeeed you can i plz have your number so it will just go faster for you guys plzzzz🙏🙏🙏😥😥😥🤞🤞🤞😢😢😢❤❤❤💙💙💙💚💚💚💚💛💛💛💛💛🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡💜💜💜💜💜

  44. Plz i am no bad person im a 12 year old boy whos a kid and my name is Graham i have no secrets my mind has nothing to hide just bad memories from getting my back turned and getting bullied i swear

  45. Millie can you do a huge favour can you announce my name during season four then text me if you did for all those kids out there to follow there dreams pllllzzzzzzz

  46. hi I just read through all your comments millie and i just wanted to say I love you and your work and how nice you are and how you took the time to scroll through all of those messages and reply to alot of them its very thoughtful if you reply to this I will be so HAPPY!!! again love all of your work

    1. Millie Bobby Brown

      Thank you! I just made time in my schedule to come on here. I am on set right now, actually! I am visiting these websites in between my breaks, so this is the last time I will be able to comment on here. Thanks!

  47. Hi Graham!! Look, you don’t need anybody. I know you think that, but you seriously don’t. I’m not gonna be able to come on this website so often. And please, just please, realize one last thing: YOU NEED JUST ONE PERSON. Just one. Yourself. You have all the potential to follow your dreams and be a good person. I can’t make you do that. Millie can’t. Nobody can. ONLY YOU. You are the only one who can. So please, please. Follow your dreams. Goodbye, Graham. I will not be able to come on this website again, but take my last piece of advice. I am begging you. Please.

  48. Im done i cant do this i give up to hard im small and i get bullied i am not stong i can not do it im so small and i have no meat on my bones im skinny and an 8 yest old a 5 yeat old could be me up i cant do it im done😔😔😔😡😡😡im a broken kid with a broken brain and i cant fix that🤕🤕🤕😡😡😡😩😩😩im DONE

      1. YOU CAN’T GIVE UP GRAHAM!! PLEASE. PLEASE!! What is your last name? I am asking you because if I know, then when we both grow up, I will look for your name in the newspapers and I know it will be there. Please. Do not give up. How about this-every single day, post your whole day’s schedule, including everything that happened that day. Bad things, good things, everything. And then, when you have free time, don’t come on this website! Practice acting, or whatever your dreams are! Work hard! Talk to someone! I know it’s hard, but you gotta do it. Trust me. If you give up now, you will immensely regret it a few years down the line. Just take my advice. If you do, I GUARANTEE YOU THAT YOU WILL BE WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE. And I thought you were happy? Wasn’t your dream to have Millie Bobby Brown talk to you? And that happened. So please, just find the good things in life, not the bad ones. And remember, post your schedule every single day. Practice in your free time. Do this for years and years. And I promise you, you will be the happiest person ever. Please.

  49. And Graham, look at the comment above. I think Chris created a hangout for you guys. You can email him now. He will help you from here.

    1. That’s so sad!! You have the virus?! Oh no! You are in quarantine right? By the way, who takes care of you/is your guardian. You have parents right?

      1. Yes i have parents and they are very nice my dad is a very strong wise man but im scared to ask him questions he teaches me how to save people in different situations and how to hunt n stuff😌😌😌

  50. And varun are you gettin outta here for good if you are im going to be a solder when i grow up i will fight for you and my uncles freind and my grandpa there all dead except you i gonna fight after im gonna probably get a job as a actor so for today i can also say a thought a lot today i got a notebook so i can right down my thoughts

  51. No, I’m not leaving for good. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your dad questions. He loves you, and he wants what’s best for you. Hesitating to ask him anything will not benefit you. Be completely open to him, as one should always treat their parents like their best friend. Also, do you hunt wild animals? Because I don’t really like hunting, I don’t think it’s fair that animals can get killed here and there but when a human gets killed it is such a big deal. Anyways, hope you get better! And stay safe.

    1. Yes Varun I totally agree it is not fair that wild animals are killed while if a HUMAN dies it’s such a big deal, it’s not like the whole world of humans is going to be extinct there are BILLIONS of people and a lot of the animals that are being hunted are almost extinct. So sad

  52. Im sorry i hunt im kinda forced he says he wants to teach me something but im not old enough to know i want to find his writing notebook because he says thats his past what foes that mean i dont know but i wanna find out i know shouldnt but im gonna sneak into his room and find and read it and see what the secrets hold

  53. I don’t think you should lie and sneak into his room or anything, just try asking him. And if he says you are too young to know, then try to convince him further. Maybe say something like, “I know you don’t want me to know this, but can you please try? I don’t think I am too young for this.” If he still says no, just listen. He is probably right, and it is something that you shouldn’t know right now. And try to ask him why he forces you to hunt. Tell him that you don’t like it and it doesn’t make you happy, and he will understand.

  54. Ok hes never happy either though especially in the morning i cant wake up to or i will see him and he will yell go back to bed and when i see him hes crying and hes holding something but yes i will tell him i am old enough

    1. I cannot tell you my exact age for security reasons, but I can tell you that I am old enough to know what is right and what is wrong, what is wise and what is unwise, and what is kind and what is unkind. And when you know these three traits, you are as old as the Universe itself, regardless of the meaningless number associated with your lifespan. Age is measured in the number of sacrifices you take, not this random number.

        1. No, I am not wise. I simply know what is right and what is wrong. I have done nothing to help you or Graham, I have simply guided him on the correct path. But I don’t even do anything. Nothing at all! And one who realizes that they don’t do anything can, in fact, go on to perform some great deed.

  55. Guys, isn’t it cool that Millie Bobby Brown has talked to so many of us? Graham, she texted you several times, and Chris, she texted you too! (If you don’t see it, look above and she responded to you)

      1. And yes i saw that she responded, my heart started pumping next thing i knew i woke up on the floor in my room then my mom told me i passed out😂💀

  56. Stop saying your not wise you are and you know it its not mean to say your wise its just simple facts me on the other hand whooooo no i am straight dumb i have bad grades i dont play sports i dont know how to do anything so yes i am straight dont ask me for any advice i know one thing i swear Chris dont do it ive been there i have tried to you to and i have tried it many times now im starting to have anger issues i didnt know i had the strength but when someone makes me mad im activated like i was feeling better today so i walked outside some girl was breaking down my fort i litterly got a stick and stabbed her then i elbowed her in the face breaking her nose gosh im turning into a deadly person im not like i cant control myself

  57. Ok what i did today well you know beat crap outta somebody sorrrryyyyy and i also did school i got a new video game and i also had a nerf war with my brother

  58. YOU ARE NOT DUMB, GRAHAM. Do not say that ever again. It’s not true. Your grades don’t determine how smart you are at all. You seem like a nice and kind person. And try to control yourself. Violence is barely ever the answer. You should have told her to stop and got an adult. Try not to be so violent. When we said you have to be strong, I didn’t mean that you should go up to someone and beat them up. I meant that you have to stand up for yourself and for others. Still, it’s at least good that you are learning how to stand up for yourself. And I just came to this website to find out how I could contact Millie Bobby Brown, then I scrolled through the comments, found you, and here I am. And also, I’m a boy.

  59. Graham-listen carefully- you need to pick one. What I mean by that is, pick which job you want to do (soldier or actor?) because it is really hard to do both. UNLESS, you only want to be a soldier for a year or two. If that’s the case, then it’s not a problem. But if it’s more, then it’s unlikely you will be able to do both. So either decide if you want to do Army for only a year or two, OR if you want to just not be in the Army and just be an actor, OR if you want to just not be an actor and be in the Army. RESEARCH about both of these careers. And get your parent’s help, they will help you very well. If you can’t figure it out now, you know what? Just forget about it. You’re only 12! You should be focusing on school. So from now on, study hard, and work hard. If you don’t your dreams won’t come true. From now on, every test you have, tell me your grade. And be honest. If you think I’m wise, you will also know that I will not judge you based on your grades AT ALL. I can help you with school too. Are there any subjects you find hard in school? Remember, study hard. Ok?

      1. Millie Bobby Brown

        Hi Varun! I know, I barely just got time to come on this website. Woah, have to go now, David’s calling me! (David Harbour plays Chief Jim Hopper in Stranger Things).

    1. Yes, thank you Millie it helped A lot actually and I have to ask you something, can you say hi to Noah Schnapp for me please?😁

  60. Chris, Millie Bobby Brown has responded to you as a total of FIVE times!! She responded two times on your first message (The one where you asked if you had the potential to perform with Noah and Finn), two times on your second one, and one time on this recent one where you told me about how you fainted when you saw that she responded! Have you seen the one on the first message which you posted on Nov. 10?

  61. I cant control my body she laughed and i just did it wabam just like that an i want to be a soldeir then is it better to become a solder and become a hero or a actor who just becomes rich and famous and my dad told me very sad things he said that he wants to hunt because back he was hunted down for years so he didnt want to think he was the victim so he hunts and kills and yes i will send my grades they are terrible nothing to see but for you yes and i am never gonna be an actor i suck at being funny the old me was funny but then things happened i have been traumatized my whole life since then

  62. Graham-you can learn anything. And acting isn’t being funny-it’s fitting your character in the best way. And are you really telling the truth Graham? Your dad was hunted down for years? Why? And also, what traumatized you? If you don’t want to tell, don’t, I know it’s private. And I know it’s hard. Nobody said life was easy. But you have to do it. Please. And just give up your belief that you are not smart, okay? You are. Everyone is. It is our choices who decide our intelligence, not our grades. So make the right CHOICES. Work hard, and you will do that, and you will get awesome grades too! Please. And tell your dad that just because someone did something to you, that doesn’t mean you should do it to them. If you do that, you are no better than the people who hunted YOU in the first place. Ok?

    1. If you are lying, tell me the truth, I won’t be mad. Also, are you like a hacker or a scammer or something? Not to be rude, I just want to know, because the things you told me are kinda unbelievable no offense and i don’t want to waste my time helping someone who is trying to hack me so just tell me honestly

      1. Millie i know fans dont say this but i dont think im you number one fan im just thinking theres a whole world out there ill just be a fan and im ok with that i just have to face the logic and varun have you faced things and yku just dont wanna think about it so you help other people cuz your so nice have you had dark days

  63. It’s okay Graham! I believe you, and I will continue to help you as long as you need/want it. And for the last time, STOP THINKING YOU ARE STUPID. Please!

    1. Millie Bobby Brown

      Yes, I agree with Varun on this!! Stop thinking you are stupid!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME AND AMAZING AND SMART AND STRONG!!!! Take it from me! If you are truly my #1 fan, you will listen and stop thinking you are not smart.

  64. Millie? Wanna know something funny? I have a dad thats from the UK and you still have the accent but he doesn’t…anyway I just thought It was funny

    1. Im just not your number one fan dont you make it to the news if you are well theres thousands and millions of people and just me out of all the people im your biggest fan i never met or anything you need to be promoted number one fan by millie the news something like that

    2. Millie Bobby Brown

      Haha! Actually, a lot of people born in the UK lose their accent, especially people who are descended from UK or their parents are from UK!! Also, Chris, are you okay? Graham told me that you wanted to commit suicide or something? CHRIS!! NEVER EVEN THINK OF DOING THAT AGAIN!! THAT IS THE MOST COWARDLY THING YOU CAN EVER DO!! I thought that you overcame your depression and that you were going to acting school soon!! Why are you depressed Chris!! When you’re feeling depressed, talk to your parents for gods sake!! Don’t even think of doing something like that!

  65. Ill just be a fan like everyone else thats not bad its just there is no number one fan there is never number one fan cuz if this guy says this guy is the number one fan just because of all his action figures or whatever think about that little girl who watches stranger things or star wars or something and she has no dolls of any but she loves you straight from the heart if you love someone straight from the heart that makes you the biggest fan so no i am not i love you straight from the heart but EVERYONE does thats normal so millie when you said if you are truly my number one fan ok im a big fan dont get me wrong but am i your number one fan no unless you promote me but i will follow what you said but i know that im not your number one fan im sorry the only way to become a number one fan is from the actress or actor or singer her or himself promote that fan and when they do that they are giving him love because that is the person you wanted to do this isnt wise its just saying the truth im sorry millie but i will never become your number one fan even with all the stars all the wishes nothing😞😞😞

    1. Millie Bobby Brown

      Graham, you wanna know the truth? NOBODY is my #1 fan. NOBODY. But do you have to be my #1 fan to listen to me? Just take a moment, and forget that I’m a celebrity, forget that I’m famous or anything. I’m an ordinary human being talking to you from my heart. What I’m saying to you, it’s coming straight from my heart. If that can’t make you respect yourself and listen to me, then I don’t know what can. So please, stop brooding and being cynical, and work hard! And I know it’s hard, but we all have to do it!! I did it! That’s how I got to where I am! So no matter what you want to be, a soldier, an actor, a singer, for all I care! YOU WILL NEED TO WORK HARD. YOU WILL WORK HARD.

  66. This is my life listen to this song by NEFEX Fight back the song it swears by the way i listen to this song cuz i know i will never accomplish anything haha

  67. Graham, you will. You will accomplish something, and when you do, you will be happy. If you thought I was wise, then you would listen. Stop thinking you aren’t going to accomplish anything. I’m tired and sick of it. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for me. Do it for Millie. PLEASE. You will accomplish everything. Anything you want to. But you know what? You won’t. You won’t accomplish anything if you spend all your time just giving up and thinking that you will never be able to do anything in life. So work hard! I’ve told you this so many times, and I don’t think you are listening. That makes me feel like you don’t want or need my help anymore. I am spending so much of my time on this website, trying to explain one simple thing to you, but you fail to understand. Please understand. You’re wasting your time and my time. OK? So STOP.

  68. OMG I love u Millie u r the best actress ever my name is Bella i am 10 and I would love ur number but I cannot get ur phone number from this website and the reason I want ur phone number is so that I can tell u how good u r doing and u have inspired me so much to do acting u r such a kind, loving, and very sweet person and stranger things is my favorite show I am obsessed and I can’t wait to watch season 4 I had a stranger things birthday party this year on with my family ANF I was eleven 2 years in a row for Halloween u r the best I love u and I would be so happy to talk to u even if it is just on the phone u r the BEST and I follow u on Pinterest im Bella Rose and BTW ur dog is super cute and u were soooooooooooooo good in enola Holmes that is now my new favorite movie and if u ever meet tom Holland tell him I love him and anyway back to u um I just want to thank u so here um thank u

  69. Millie me and you were in the same hospital being born I feel in love with you and now you have your own show I know here a lot of people that say I love you and that they really wanna Marry you but will you be my girl friend please here are reasons why to say yes 1were the same age 2we both have a cool accent and 3 I was never mean to a single girl 4 I can defend us or you can I’m not stoping you 4 I’m really nice 5 I dream about you every single night hopping we meet again here’s my email

  70. Hey everybody, hope everyone is safe and having a great time. Millie, Noah, Finn, Sadie, if you all see this I would love to keep talking on this website with you. If you can’t and are to busy after filming for stranger things, I will totally understand. I love you all and your acting careers, Your fan, Chris
    Nobody is a number 1 fan- Millie Bobby brown

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