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Jace Norman is an American actor working from 2012 and given greater number of hit roles and characters to the industry. Jace Norman popular role is in a nickelodeon television series Henry Danger alongside Indi Star (co-actress). Norman birth name is Jace Lee Norman where as he use its style form as Jace Norman. He started his career with Jessie in 2012 whereas he was only 12 years old kid at those time. Jace now as 20 years old already worked in different American Movies and films along with Television shows and programs.

In 2014, he got super popularity and stardom when he appears as the main role in nickelodeon program Henry Danger, a american sitcom. Jace Lee Norman other work includes Spark, Splitting Adam, High Private Eye, Rufus and Rufus 2. Moreover, Jace already received more than 10 awards and nominations including Kids Choice Awards and Male TV Stars.

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Jace Norman phone number and email address
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Jace Norman Biography and Profile

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Full Name:Jace Lee Norman
Date of Birth:March 21, 2000
Age:20 Years Old

Contact Details:

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Social Media Contact:

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Social MediaHandel/IDTotal Fans/Followers
Instagram:@jacenorman4 Million
Youtube:@UCBP4B896svWOcWdRp8UjH2Q1 M
Facebook:@JaceNorman130.2 Million
Twitter:@jacenorman0.3 Million

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  1. Jace Lee Norman Contact through Email ID

    You can contact Jace Norman via email address, sent him your matters to his personal/business email address id given here.

  2. Jace Norman Contact via Phone Number

    You can make a phone contact with American Actor Jace Lee Norman via his updated phone number and whatsapp number account. stay updated.

  3. House Address

    House address of Jace Lee Norman is ‘Jace Lee Norman, Mexico, United States.’.

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    1. Hi Jace Norman I am Jane and I am in love with you I watch Henry Danger every day can I please have your WhatsApp number πŸ˜šπŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹β€β€β€β€

      1. Hi babe Jace Norman can I please have your WhatsApp Nr plzπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– .By the way I live in South Africa

  1. I want to meet u so badley today actually the pas week i just stared outside hoping to some day meet u my address is 1179 est 27 street brooklyn new york

    1. Hi Jace Lee Norman it’s Abigail I am ur biggest fan and I mean ur biggest may I plz have ur number and I want to be just like u I have watched many shows of u for example Blurt ,Henry Danger Rufus and many others plz call me .😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😜😜😍😍😍

  2. we are good fans we miss henry danger and your nickelodeon acting carrer and shows plese reunite you we are your fans and jasper[sean ryan fox]and Charlotte[riel downs]

  3. Hi jace Norman my name is Darrel I’m a big fan of you and we are also fans of riele downs and sean rayn fox we love you

  4. Hi I am sehasa from sri lanka I want to be a friend of you so please can you give me your whatsapp number

  5. Jace Norman I am a very huge fan of yours and I wish to meet u one day
    I live in Africa since I knew u I had always wished to see u
    I love u jace

  6. Hey Jace. I am a big fan of yours and Nickelodeon. I really want to meet you and be an actress and make my impact but I’m in Africa and there are no opportunities for me here. I would really appreciate if you could make opportunities for us here. Thank you

  7. Favor and micheal

    Hey jace we are your huge fan as usual and we want to be an actress and make our career to be a dream come true but we are here in Africa and there is no opportunity for us here and we really want to meet you and I will really appreciate if you can make our dream of becoming an actress a dream come true.thank you so very much

  8. Favor and micheal

    And please can you give us your WhatsApp phone number pleaseee and we want to be your friend we miss you

  9. jace can I pls get ur phone number cause I am a huge fan of yah I wish for nothing but to talk you am a citizen of Nigeria .

  10. Prisca πŸ’–πŸ’–

    I jace my name is prisca I am a huge fan of u, please please please I have been deying to see you , and I love all ur cartoon I especially hengry danger I all make sure I don’t miss it , I really want to see you so please send me ur WhatsApp number pleaseeeeee send it pleaseeeeee

  11. l really love jace Norman and l’m a boy my mom always say that is gay to love a boy like u do but l told her that l don’t care l’m Jace fan a big one

  12. hi Jace I actually love your acting skills am a huge fan of all your movies,also I like like you but I respect you have a girlfriend and she is pretty beautiful by the way and I would like to see you in person in the future God’s willing please reply back to me.Goodbye πŸ‘‹ 😎😍🀩

  13. Oi jace Norman entΓ£o vc pode enviar seu whatsapp ou seu nΓΊmero de telefone ? Sou uma grande fΓ£ sua jΓ‘ fiz de tudo para te conhecer mais nΓ£o tem como eu sou quase a ΓΊnica que tΓ΄ correndo atrΓ‘s de tudo tΓ΄ muito preocupada com vc nΓ£o sei se e vdd mais o YouTube e o Instagram todo tΓ‘ falando que vc pode entrar em uma depressΓ£o isso e vdd ? Me passa seu nΓΊmero por favor para nΓ³s podemos conversar e vc pode desabafar comigo , tbm to procurando alguΓ©m para desabafar tΓ΄ muito mal com tudo isso que tΓ‘ acontecendo , se vc quiser desabafar com alguΓ©m eu tΓ΄ ,.eu sei falar inglΓͺs.

    1. Hi my name is del I love ❀️ drawing I I don’t get much time to watch TV but the only shows that I’ve been watching our Henry danger and I really like the way that you do the acting I’m also rielle Don Cooper Barnes no I don’t remember the other peoples names sorry about please give me the phone number

  14. Marguerite Radford

    Will you coming to my house on next year until because you’re so handsome and have a free time on my 3DS or knitting and going to shopping my mum?

  15. Hi Jace Norman I really love your acting it’s so amazing I’m a huge fan I hope we could be friends and please can you send me your WhatsApp number please BTW I come from Africa thanks

  16. Hi Jace l am a big fan of your acting and l really what to be a good actres like you l am an African and l hope to be an American actor l really need your help please

  17. Hi jace i love you i love henry danger, please chat me on facebook i am a fan of the group named jace norman and riele downs, my facebook name is prince olamide my real name is emmanuel please chat me


  18. I know you will help me by texting me for this. You will definitely help me. I swear to my family. My help from Punjab, India. I am also a gardener’s son. Followed on each of your IDs a brother total all IDs on facebook instagram Instagram Twitter te me message te like many messages my id below a brother please plz help me plz help kardo my help cardo please just give me two problems please my help cardo my wife Pregnancy comes and I don’t have money and my sister is married so I don’t have money. Please help me. If you help me, I will name my son your brother. Says AK, if you help us, it will affect you for the rest of our lives. Please help me 9915084668 9855875668 whsatpp contact number me plz plz plz plz plz help me ID fecebook gurjant singh Instagram ID gurjant singh8660 plz help me my bank account no. 05861000055483 Punjab sind bank Only I need 2 million dollars, not more, help me or give it to my friend, please help me, please help me.

  19. Hey guys l know u are busy bt can l please talk to u l an a super fan and l want to be a actor like u guys l am just like riele please don’t ignore me as for me l believe in my self that one day l will be an actress love u guys

  20. Have Norman I want to be like you please give me a chance. I will like to meet you,only that I am very far from you. Please give me a reply.

  21. Hey Jace Norman I am not gonna force you to give me your number but I would really love to know you more and become friends thank you

  22. Jace I have been watching Henry danger I want to be a star like you pls can you give me your Whatsapp number pls I want you to train me to be a star like you

  23. Okafor victor obinna

    Hi jace norman
    Am a good fan of your acting, I just wish to be a superstar like you, I really like your acting and just wish that one day we will meet by the grace of God. I’ve watch alot movies of urs like henry danger, rufus 1, rufus 2, and splitting adam. And to be sincere I just wanna know your whatsapp number

  24. Hey jace I really wanna get your number
    Am a big fan of you and Nickelodeon I have watched all the episodes of henry danger


  26. Hi,have I’m Lara ive been wanting to be on nickelodeon,but i don’t see how i can without any of u knowing and giving me info,love uπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

  27. OMG,I am like a lover for Jace Norman.His the most funniest person I have ever met.He is like my hoppy mate kinda sounds rite.Sha,I love listening to music so does he.Gosh

  28. Precious Essiam

    Hi, Jace Norman. I’m Precious Essiam, I am a very big fan of yours and I like the way you joke and laugh.
    Please I really need your number

  29. Precious Elijah

    Hi,wishing you well in life..I will like to be like you in future😁😁😁
    feels good

  30. Hi jace huge fan please can i have your number it has been my dream to have a celebrities contact i an also good at acting but i see no future here in nigeria i love henry danger please if you can make it possible .peace

  31. Aladin Muhammad

    Hi Jace am a big fan and really want to talk to u cause I like the way u are in the movies and every time I see u I feel inspired, I just hope to be like u
    Thanks form your time and I pray that u can always inspire others out there

  32. Hey Jace. Huge fan of yours, am not even sure if you would see this comment but if you do, I would love to have your real number. Later JN,the main man 😎

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