20 thoughts on “Contact Annie LeBlanc Phone Number, Email Address, House Address”

  1. Annie I love you. You are my role model. I wish I could meet you but I dont think I can. I am from Nigeria.

    1. Hi annie i love you so much and i want too call you and meet your in real life i am your number 1 fan i watch your videos day and night

  2. I love annie and haley I just wish I can call you but I just don’t know your phone number can you please give it to me so I can call you.

  3. Annie I love u SOOO much I’m in the UK 💖at first after watching Bratz tv or something I really really ship u w tk cause u guys have so much fun together but who every u love u should be w but I’m a massive fan and I love u guys

  4. I lov u Annie
    i wish i would meet u
    I lov ur music
    i am ur no1 fan
    n i lov u n all the chicken girls i jst wish i would meet u thanx
    esthernasimolo@gmail .com

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