28 thoughts on “Contact Annie LeBlanc Phone Number, Email Address, House Address”

  1. Annie I love you. You are my role model. I wish I could meet you but I dont think I can. I am from Nigeria.

    1. Hi annie i love you so much and i want too call you and meet your in real life i am your number 1 fan i watch your videos day and night

  2. I love annie and haley I just wish I can call you but I just don’t know your phone number can you please give it to me so I can call you.

      1. Oh hey Annie btw am ur no 1 fan .I literally live the chicken life coz I sort of have my own gang you know you inspire my girl gang .We really look up to you .I actually have dreams of visiting you in America from kenya .hope to hear from you soon ….PS can I have your phone number it would mean alot to me and the girls thanks😊

  3. Annie I love u SOOO much I’m in the UK 💖at first after watching Bratz tv or something I really really ship u w tk cause u guys have so much fun together but who every u love u should be w but I’m a massive fan and I love u guys

  4. I lov u Annie
    i wish i would meet u
    I lov ur music
    i am ur no1 fan
    n i lov u n all the chicken girls i jst wish i would meet u thanx
    esthernasimolo@gmail .com

    1. i get what u mean, but to be true ho do we know u actual the real Jules Leblanc because lots of people like to pretend there someone there not, just like my girlfriend used me

  5. You guys are so thoughtful. Jules, u are the kindliest person I have ever seen you are so pretty, loving, kind, and so much more, I live where u are “Santa Clarita ‘California. and I need to contact you because u are in trouble!

  6. Sharon Anne Katlyn McSwain

    Can you give me your phone number? I really need it so I can talk to you in person about something this summer! And just don’t worry about my email. And I don’t have any website yet.

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