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Introduction, Life Story

Carson Lueders is a well-known singer, actor and internet personality. He is a 19 years old teenager, who born on July 26, 2001. He belongs to Spokane, Washington. His parents are named Diane Lueders and Jon Lueders. The family is internet friendly and often came together in form of YouTube videos and other social media posts. Carson started musical compositions when he started playing the guitar after being gifted guitar lessons from his parents on his 5th birthday. Later, he became a popular celebrity by which he has got several acting offers and other musical deals alongside popularity on social media.

Career, Prominence and Family

Singer Carson Lueders arose to fame for his singing career. He has already released dozen of successful singles so far. He learned playing guitar and other musical compositions in his childhood. Since, he began with posting acoustic covers of popular songs to his self title YouTube channel at age of seven. However, his covers earned huge views, which allowed him to release his own singles. Carson has released some best singles including Remember Summertime, All day, No caption, Have You Always, You’re the Reason, bar Back, Young and Free and Feels Good.

Moreover, he has got a leading role in Chicken Girls series alongside other famous cast including Jules LeBlanc and Hayley LeBlanc. Somehow, he is playing the character Ace on the Brat web series Chicken Girls. He is also starring in Dirt. Carson is known for producing covers based on Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes songs. His fans and followers has grown significantly in last three years. He got two siblings, sister named Olivia and a brother named Jackson.

Currently, he has an active deal with Def Jam Recordings. Carson Lueders authentic contact data, including contact numbers, email address, social profiles and his house location details are added here. You can use mentioned information for contact and business inquires.

Carson Lueders Phone Number, Contact Email, House Address, Biography
Carson Lueders Biography, Family, Contact Details and Wiki Information 2021

Biography and Profile

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Full Name:Carson Lueders
Date of Birth:July 26, 2001
Age:19 Years Old
Profession:Internet Celebrity, Web Star, Actor, Singer
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Contact Details:

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Social Media Contact:

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Social MediaHandel/IDTotal Fans/Followers
TikTok:@carsonlueders8 million
Instagram:@carsonlueders4 Million
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  1. Verified Email Address

    His email address is fully verified. He read his email daily to check fan and business inquires. Use the provided address and send your message:

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    For urgent business inquires and other, you can use Carson Lueders phone number, which is American network and accepts both incoming and outgoing calls as per 4G network.

  3. House Address

    He is living at following verified address ‘Carson Lueders, 1521 N Argonne #C-410 Spokane Valley, WA 99212 USA‘.


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